Meet the artist 

Stephanie lives and works in Boston, MA, where she is inspired by life forms of all types. She finds nature mesmerizing, and doodling it healing. Read more about her process and upcoming shows here! 


Art found Stephanie Kinkel in the midst of a biology PhD program at MIT. Originally from California, she moved to Boston nine years ago to pursue her love of science, but soon realized she felt more at home splitting her time among teaching, and art. Now a middle and high school science teacher, Stephanie encourages students to study the intersection of science and art, which she finds all around us.

Stephanie has always felt a strong and easy connection to the natural world, and teaching has enriched her knowledge and care for it in the face of climate change. Her training as a scientist allows her to observe details closely, while still appreciating how all of these details coalesce into a larger picture.  Art is her true passion, and it provides her a way to communicate how profoundly healing, calming, and joyous time spent amidst plants and animals can be. In her work, she hopes to highlight the strikingly empathic aspects of nature, and particularly hopes to inspire her younger viewers. 

Stephanie is currently working on a children's book. Stay tuned! 


EMAIL: skinkelstudios@gmail.com

IG and Twitter: @skinkelstudios