With years of experience in science and education, S Kinkel studios is in the business of visual storytelling. Time in classrooms and labs allows us to distill complicated scientific discoveries into an image accessible for a broad audience.

Art is evocative and descriptive, telling stories of the intricacies of science and the value of nature. With whimsy or seriousness, create compelling narratives for young and expert audiences.

Our Story

Art found Stephanie Kinkel in the midst of a biology PhD program at MIT. Moved to draw and paint, she quickly realized that her calling was broader than her studies allowed. She longed to unify art, science, and teaching. First honing her communication skills, creativity, and patience as a middle and high school teacher, Stephanie taught herself to paint and draw. After an incredible decade on the opposite coast, Stephanie has now come home to California, where she formally studies scientific illustration in Monterey. In her graduate work and always, she inspired by the scenic views, natural beauty and friendly community. Cohabiting with a gentle greyhound, she continues to nurture her fascination with biology, strong drive to teach effectively, and connections with nature.


Stephanie has a knack for interacting with animals and making up words. She often answers questions with more questions, a habit which ensures you are involved in the process and satisfied with the outcome.

Ongoing projects for Stephanie include a children's book. She is always open to commissions - ranging from tattoos to in-print illustration - and has a particular fondness for pet portraiture.

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